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CESAR BOLLETTI (c.1915-1995)

Born around 1915. Died in 1995 in Roquefort-les-Pins (Alpes-Maritimes - France).
Painter of genre scenes, landscapes, portraits, nudes.
Landscaper of the French Riviera, Piedmont and Liguria.
He was a student at the École des Arts Décoratifs in Nice.
He exhibits mainly in the cities of the French Riviera, as well as in Paris and abroad.
He painted portraits of political and literary personalities including Paul Valéry and Jules Romains.
In 1975, he decorated the church of Saint Francis of Assisi in Nice with great compositions on the life of the saint.
A lithographer, he devoted a volume to the city of Nice, prefaced by Jules Romains.
Nice (Marine Museum): The Port of Nice
Paris (Museum of Modern Art of the City): Port of Impéria 1957 - Les Oursins 1960.

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