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Maurice Serullaz (1914-1997) - "Bouquet of Daisies"

Maurice Serullaz (1914-1997) - "Bouquet of Daisies"

Beautiful oil painting on canvas
by Maurice Serullaz (1914-1997)

"Bouquet of daisies"

Signed lower left and dated 1956.


Condition: some paint loss.

Format: 61 x 50 cm.

Born January 19, 1914 in Paris. Died in 1997. French.
Painter of landscapes, urban landscapes, still lifes, flowers.
Nephew of the poet Rollinat, he began to work in painting at the age of fourteen. Maurice Sérullaz did a lot of work for the decorator Dumas. He was art historian and chief curator at the Louvre Museum in Paris. He exhibited for the first time in 1929. He participated in group exhibitions in Paris: 1936 and 1937 Galerie Druet with Marquet, Segonzac, Camoin and Puy; 1937 Exhibition of Parisian Life at the city's modern art museum; 1938 Salon des Indépendants. In 1951, he received in London the consecration of an exhibition at Reid and Lefèvre. He first of all received the influence of Laprade, whose painting seemed to "respond" plastically to the poetry of Verlaine and Mallarmé. But very quickly concerned with concentration and construction, he went to Cézanne's school for a long time. His originality lies in his gifts as a colourist that the composition highlights in his best works, most of them in the harder to achieve harmonies: the reds as in Pot de géranium (1935), then the whites in Lilac blancs and up to to the many Parisian landscapes. In the seventies, the shades of blue are opposed to the reserves of white practiced in still lifes as in the landscapes of Cannes, while other canvases rigorously detach the objects from the discreet and learned vibration of the funds which resume. in minor the scale of their major key. Museums: Paris, National Museum of Modern Art "Paysage de la Creuse".
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