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Raymond Trameau (1897-1985) - Original painting

Raymond Trameau (1897-1985) - Original painting

Superb and large oil painting on canvas
by Raymond Trameau (1897-1985)

"Abstract composition"

Signed lower left and dated 1955.
From the artist's studio sale.


Condition: an accident with depression, tearing and slight lack of paint in the upper part (see photos). Some deformations of the canvas. Small spots of black paint, certainly original.
Some tiny lack of paint in places.

Size: 65 x 54.2 cm.

Raymond Trameau:
Born in 1897 in Paris. French. Painter, sculptor, ceramist, enameller. Abstract. 
During the First World War, in 1914, he studied at the Practical School of Applied and Decorative Arts in Paris. He entered the Ateliers d'Art in 1920. He became friends with Valensi in 1947.
Between the two wars, he exhibited figurative paintings at the Salon des Indépendants in Paris, then after 1945 with the Musicalistes. He has shown his works in numerous personal exhibitions in Paris and abroad. Around 1947, his painting became abstract, strongly geometric, whose triangles were striated or dotted. A renovator of enamel, he produced admirable champlevé and cloisonné enamels using a technique as perfect as that of the great artists of the Renaissance and whose themes are non-figurative.

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