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René Brochard (1926) - Painting 1950s - "Countryside Landscape"

René Brochard (1926) - Painting 1950s - "Countryside Landscape"

Vintage oil painting on canvas
by René Brochard (born in 1926)
"Agricultural tools in a countryside landscape"

Annotated with the artist's name on the back. From a set of works by the artist.
Period : 1950s
Good condition. Small holes in the canvas at the edges.

Size : 24 x 33 cm.

Provenance: Théodore Boulard workshop (1887-1961)

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René Brochard :

Born in 1926 in Paris. 20th century. Active in Latin America, Japan, India. French. Painter of figures, genre scenes and landscapes. Fauvism trend. Student of painter Jean Langlois and painter engraver Guy Dollian in Paris, he devoted himself to painting from the 1950s. In 1959, he exhibited for the first time in New York. René Brochard has never stopped traveling around the world, making countless exhibitions. Among other countries, he worked in Japan in 1967, in Mexico, in Tepoztlan where he opened a ranch-workshop in 1968, while he decided to stay in India in 1979, when he had exhibited and worked in Montreal and New York and San Francisco, between 1972 and 1978. He participated in 1962, in the decoration of Brasilia, inventing the technique of "ferropeinture" which consists in cutting and forging iron plates applied on painted walls, before to introduce them on canvas. It was in this technique that he executed the mural at the O. Elefante Branco University in Brasilia and the decoration of the Curé d'Ars chapel. René Brochard painted all aspects of the countries where he lived, from jazz in New Orleans, to Kabuki theater, to Indian dances. His paintings, painted in a generous paste, in tawny colors sometimes strident, become more bare after his stays in Tibet.

150,00 €Price
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