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Venke Sletbakk (1940-2017) - Monotype #2

Venke Sletbakk (1940-2017) - Monotype #2

Superb original monotype
by Norwegian artist Venke Sletbakk (1940-2017)
Unique print, signed and dated 1999
Good state of conservation.
Image size: 36.5 x 30 cm
Sheet size: 56.5 x 46 cm

Venke Sletbakk (1940-2017):

Norwegian. Painter, sculptor, engraver, plastic artist from the Far North.

Trompe-l'oeil,  figurative, abstraction, lyrical abstraction. Mixed  media, collage,  engraving, textile. Oil, acrylic, ink, various pigments.  Venke Sletbakk  is also interested in prehistory through rock  engravings. Education : -  Baccalaureate in Kirkenes (Norway) - History of art, ethnology,   archeology, foreign languages in Innsbruck (Austria) - Doctorate in   letters (ethnology - work on textiles) in Paris - Private painting   workshops in Paris (in particular at Jean Grimal - trompe-l'œil painter)   - Training in lissière (tapestry) in Senlis - Training in many Fine   Arts workshops in the city of Paris (drawing, painting, engraving,   glass, sculpture). Personal exhibitions : In 1992: The Norwegian Circle of Paris, rue de Rivoli, Paris / La   Tour du Jacquemart, Moulin-sur-Allier (press) / Point Insolite, Place de   la Contrescarpe, Paris 5. In 1993: Espace « Diogenes ”, Saint-Honoré   les Bains (press) /“ La Noiselée ”, Saint Honoré les Bains. In 1994: The   Tourist Office, Méribel (Savoie) (press). In 1995: The Norwegian  Circle  of Paris, rue de Rivoli, Paris 1. In 1996: The House of Norway,  Cité  Universitaire, Paris 14 / Casino le Vegas, Saint Honoré les Bains   (press) / Galerie Liliane François, 15, rue de Seine, Paris 6. In 1997:   Konrad Gallery, Svolvær, Norway. In 2000: Savio-museet, Kirkenes,  Norway  (press). In 2001: "POLARIA", Tromsö, Norway. In 2003: Galerie Le  Bon  Petit Diable, Paris. In 2004: Galleri ARKTANDRIA, Oslo, Norway. In  2005:  EFTA, Organ. Intern., Brussels. In 2006: “Grenselandsmuséet”,  Kirkenes,  Norway. Numerous group exhibitions , including: Tapestry from 1977 to 1985: “Tapisserie Art Vivant”, St.   Étienne du Rouvray 1980 / “Tissa Muros”, Meaux 1980 / “Détournement du   fil”, Roubaix, Annecy and Vivoin 1980 / Selected for the exhibition   "Modern Art, Living Arts" at the Grand Palais, Paris 1979 /   "Minitextile", Galerie de l'Université, Paris 1978 / In 1996 "Montmartre   in Europe", 18th century Town Hall, Paris 18 / In 1998 Galerie Liliane   François, Paris / In 1999 Galerie Liliane François, Paris and Galerie   "Albin Upp", Oslo, Norway / In 2000 Galerie "Embla", Tromsö, Norway /  In  2001 Galerie Koll, Stavanger, Norway / In 2002 Galerie Arctandria,   Oslo, Norway and Galerie Brandstrup, Stavanger, Norway / In 2004 MAC   2000, Paris / In 2005 Homo Precarius, Espace des Blancs Manteaux, Paris 4   / In 2006 “Don d'orgasmes”, Espace Commines, Paris 3 and Lustres &   Patines, Ateliers de Paris, Paris 12 / In 2007 “Dédale”, Espace   Commines, Paris 3.

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