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Michel Roy, called Saint-Alban (1913-2015)

Born in France in 1913. Died in May 2015 at 101 years old. Painter and sculptor.
Best known for his landscapes, he makes discover through his works views of Africa, the Seychelles and mainly of France. In 1997, with painters Frédéric Menguy (1927-2007) and Hédi Turki (born 1922), he illustrated Christine de Mustapha Chelbi. He made many exhibitions : at the Carlton Gallery in Cannes in 1971,1973, 1974 ("Paysages"), in 1980 ("Paysages de France") / at the Galerie des Arts Contemporains in Monte-Carlo in 1975/ at the Vendôme Gallery in Paris in 1988 ("Nouveaux paysages de France") / at the Galerie Alexandre in the 6th arrondissement of Paris in 1992/ at the hotel Le Méridien Montparnasse in 1990, 1993 ("Paysages de France et des Antilles"), in 1994 ("Paysages"), 1995/ at the Héraud Gallery in Paris in 1997/ Popoff & Cie Gallery in Paris in 1998/ etc...

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